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We now fit the Comfortel XL range.

We've put in relentless effort to develop a third clip design for our product, tailored to snugly accommodate larger basins. While initially prompted to create this clip specifically for the Comfortel XL range, we've discovered that our new extra-large clip serves as a useful addition for various unique basin designs.


Feel free to indicate at checkout if you'd like this included in your order! For international orders, the third clip will be included as standard.

The Ultimate Hairdresser's Assistant

"A hairdresser should invest in this product because anything that is going to make your life easier is going to save you time, and time equals money."
Mackenzie, Founder

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Your Premium Hairdressing Tool

Where simple meets effective, saving you time and money. 

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Have you got yours?

The Brush

How did I ever live without this before?

- Mel Bresnahan

New age
hairdressing tool

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Highly Functional Basin Tool

The revolutionary Attaché tray is self-supporting and fits all your essential basin equipment so you can focus on creating beautiful hair. Your clients can have a premium experience while being taken care of by you.

Global Sell Out

Our product has repeatedly sold out and we are now shipping all over the world. We can't wait to get all your orders delivered and see them in action. We are always open to feedback, so please share your experience with us.

Designed for Efficiency

Our tray is designed for efficiency to save you time at the basin and ultimately save you money. You no longer need to have a assistant handling your products, or move back and forth to find what you need.

Australian-made. W0men-owned.

We are a proud women-owned business based in Australia. We have engineered, designed and manufactured everything ourselves right here in Australia. When you buy from us, you personally support us. We are so grateful for your support.

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