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The Brush

The Brush


Designed for everyone.


  • Matte handle, with a black cushion to avoid stainage
  • Gently rounded, gold plated, steel bristles 
  • Drainage hole
  • Reduced detangling time, won't pull or break hair
  • Perfect for blending out root shadows and colour melts
  • Speeds up blowdrying time
  • Anti-Static
  • Unlikely to catch on extension attachments


Brush Care: If the brush is used in the shower or on very wet hair you should always expel any excess water from the brush by pushing on the pad to squeeze out water through the drainage hole. After, the brush should be placed face down on a countertop after use so any residual water can drain from the drainage hole. If the brush is being used with hair products such as mousses, gels, or hair sprays, which if allowed to accumulate may also cause the  cushion to deteriorate prematurely. When finished using your brush with products, be sure to rinse the brush and shake it from side to side and squeeze pad to remove any excess water through the drainage hole and leave to dry on a hard, flat surface with the teeth facing downwards as to not let any residue “pool” on the pad to prevent bleaching or cracking of the pad and keep bristles rust free.


All sales are final unless there is a defect with The Brush.



    The bristles on the brush are gold coated. Over time this coating will wear down to the original steel colour. 


    If you would like to sell The Brush in your salon please email us on for wholesale pricing.

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