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The Makers

The Attaché Line is engineered, designed and manufactured in Australia.

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Women-owned Australian business

We take care of the small details and believe that the right assistance can make an impact.

After 10 years in the hair industry, Mackenzie set out to make her life easier whilst coloring at the basin. The dream was to design a highly functional basin tool, purpose engineered to streamline your basin experience. Our revolutionary Attaché tray is self-supporting and fits all your essential basin equipment so you can focus on creating beautiful hair. With its lightweight design, universal basin clips and cut outs to ensure the mixing bowl, color bottle and detangling brush sit neatly and securely where you can easily access them.

Whether you're a home salon, renting a chair, an apprentice or from a fully staffed 20 stylist salon; this tool is designed with you in mind.

Mackenzie + Bek, Founders of The Attaché Line

Photo & Film by Clements + Co. Studio


Corey McClelland

Corey is a mechanical design engineer with a leading Australian consultancy firm. On the side he enjoys industrial design, prototyping and 3D printing. “It’s always wonderful to work with people who have amazing ideas, and to turn their ideas into a tangible product, which they can hold in their hand. The attaché is truly an amazing product that no hairdresser will want to be without, well done Attaché.” 



Phil Barlass, is highly knowledgeable when it comes to product design, completing his toolmaking apprenticeship in 1981 at PDL Industries (New Zealand's leading electrical manufacturer) in Christchurch. After PDL Industries, he gained extensive and invaluable experience in research and development, specialist machining, prototyping, managerial skills and more whilst working at the Orbital Engine Company for a period of 13 years. Phil worked hands-on with us out of his warehouse Mouldtek in Wangara, WA. 

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